The King Mahtusahn (code name KM-ME0W) is a military prototype from an alternative universe of yestertomorrow, where a marauding band of welders, programmers and cat specialist have been fighting a long losing battle against common house cats. Putting all difference aside, these remaining human survivors have united under one name: The Meowsistance. Their motivation is great but their numbers are low so if you see the King Mahtusahn, climb aboard and join the fight. Recruits will have the ability to take full control of the King Mahtusahn’s Nyan turret and do their part to serve the human race.


Meet The Creators

Angelo Taylor & Sharyce Rains

Meet The Makers

Angelo Taylor, David F, Geoff Abraham, Jerrid Matthews, Lief Andre, Mike Fogarty, Mimosa Andre & Sharyce Rains

Meet The Crew

Aaron Stroh, Angelo Taylor, David F, Emilio Perez, Geoff Abraham, Mimosa Andre, Morgan Waldhart, Noel Pacheco, Sarah Miles & Sharyce Rains