The war against the felines...

For as long as history has been written, there have been many references to cats. The Great Empire of Egypt built huge monuments worshiping them. Back before the war, we only thought of these references as nothing more than cultural fascinations. We were mistaken. By the time we knew something was wrong, cats were everywhere. 1 in 5 Americans had multiple felines in their households. Eventually even the internet was dominated by "cute kittens". It may have been a coincidence but a massive epinephrine shortage occurred in the early 90's. Thats when our feline counterparts decided to turn against us.  In the first weeks cats decimated our world population. As most people were allergic to them, these cats merely needed to rub against a human. Cat lovers everywhere were to overwhelmed by their cuteness and quickly falling in the masses. 

When it came down to it, house cats were simply better predators than we were. They could see in the dark, walk without making a sound and were built for all climates. The remaining human survivors banded together in hopes to build a new paradise away from the cat purrs of horror. At some point our resources started to dwindle and a band of brave souls combined knowledge and creativity to find a way to take back control.

We have no military, we have no soldiers but we have the Meowsistance! This group of ex-cat lovers are out smarting the felines by using their old love for cats as a weapon against them. Together we have created a weapon that will turn the tide of war. This instrument of destruction will be our salvation and it will be called, The King Mahtusahn.